$80 Per Day From Stock Market Tools

by Bullhunter on December 7, 2010

This is how Stock Market Tools made me $80 yesterday. I will describe this in a very short article here. Feel welcome to check out the real article that made that income on my Stock Market Education blog and peruse the site.

$198 of Ad Revenue in One Day From Stock Market Tools

The term Stock Market Tools ranks reasonably high on Google Australia for my other blog, so due to the traffic generated from this term, enough people comes through to my Stock Market Education blog to click on the ads and earn me some casual revenue.

$198 in ad revenue equals $80 that gets paid to me. That isn’t bad for one day of my blog sitting there doing nothing else than entertaining people with its stock market content.

I teach these cashflow strategies in my internet marketing program: Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Go and check out the blog to see how this was done. Visit every page (there are only 8 articles and a few info pages) and especially check out the Stock Market Tools page that earned $80 income for me yesterday. It’s easy done and a great way to create some extra cashflow.

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Kerrie Setiawan July 22, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Thanks for the tip. I shall include a post with stock market tools as a key phrase in my blog.


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